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Family Inheritance
Publicly Available App to Locate DNA Cousins 

Y-Chromosome Genome Comparison 

Doug McDonald's BGA
(Email contact only, search 23andMe forums for details.)


HIR Search 

David Pike's DNA Comparison Utilities 

mtDNA Haplogroup Analysis


Enlis Genomics

My Cousins Cousins


Special Interest Tools

Anabaptist/Mennonite DNA (Mennonite/Amish/Brethren ancestry required)

Dodecad (All four grandparents must be from the same European, Asian, or North African ethnic group or country.)
African Ancestry Project (At least 5% African ancestry required)

Harappa Ancestry Project (South Asian Ancestry required)

Eurogenes 500K SNP BioGeographicAncestry Project

Fennoscandia biographic project (All grandparents must be born in Norway, Sweden or Finland)

Hawkins DNA project (All males with the Hawkins surname)

Browser Tools